Japanese food you can’t find in restaurants

An exciting new experience in Godalming, Surrey.

Certified by the Japanese government and specialising in washoku (traditional cuisine), RONIN Dining offers the beloved and hidden flavours of Japanese cuisine.

Discover Our Bento

Changing weekly with the micro-seasons and special occasions of Japan, Ronin bentos are made from scratch and include a main, three sides, rice, pickles and of course, a dessert. Don’t forget to add miso soup!

Sample Menu


Grilled fresh seitan glazed with a lightly sweet soy & sake sauce.

Tsukemono (pickles)

Sweet yuzu carrots and plum radish flowers.


Broccoli Shiraae – Broccoli and friends with a creamy sesame tofu dressing
Nabeshigi– Aubergine in sticky sweet miso sauce
Nimono– Konnyaku, koyadofu, squash, shiitake and more simmered to perfection.


Murisaki-imo mushipan
Steamed purple sweet potato cakes

Miso Soup

Wakame seaweed, fresh shiitake mushrooms and courgette with brown miso.

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