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Please get in touch if you’d like to order private takeaway catering, celebration cakes, brownies, etc:

Supper Clubs:

Postponed due to pandemic

vrussmallMore intimate than restaurants as they take places in a home, Supper Clubs are great for meeting new people and having freshly cooked meals whether you are living in London or are just visiting.

Most people who come are not vegetarian, and about 50% come on their own- so please don’t be worried about any of that. There is always lots of laughter! You will also see dates for pop-ups at larger venues.

The most popular night is for Japanese, as my aim is to serve real Japanese food you will not find in restaurants. I also do Board game nights, Macaroni Night, and a Breakfast dinner!

Don’t see a date that works for you? Feel free to request one! Book yours on EatWith or with me at

You can read reviews through TRIP ADVISOREatWith, and attached blog posts below.
Please feel free to write a review and I will link you!
Check out photos on The Vegan Ronin Facebook Page and The Vegan Ronin Instagram

Current events:

I keep the home page updated with all the upcoming events. There is also a mailing list at the bottom of the page.

Can’t make any of these dates? Want a different supper club? “Request” a date on, and we can work together for a time & menu that works for you! You can also email me at

Past events:

I’ve stopped adding dates as there have been too many. You can take a look-see at the types of events in the past. All current dates are on the homepage.

3 Mar 17: Japanese Night: Kara-age special

16 Mar 17: Bibimbap & Board Games

1 Apr 17: April Fools! Breakfast for Dinner

6 Apr 17: Japanese Night

11 Dec 16:Four course Japanese Night
7 Dec 16: Four course Japanese Night
22 Nov 16:Thanksgiving
17 Nov 16: Bibimbap & Board Games
15 Nov 16:Thanksgiving
28 Sept 16: Authentic Japanese Night
21 Sept 16: Macaroni Night
9 Sept 16: London Wildlife Protection fundraiser (aka Buffet for the Birds!)
6 Aug 16: Japanese Night
Gluten-Free Japanese Night (9 Jun 16)
Bibimbap & Board Games
(1 Jun 16)
Macaroni Monday
 (23 May 16)
 Japanese Night (27 May 16)
Japanese Friday Night Dinner (29 Apr 16)
Vegan Wine Event (28 Apr 16)
Bibimbap & Board Games (26 Apr 16)
Macaroni Monday (25 Apr 16)
Japanese brunch (10 Apr 16)
Afternoon Tea (3 Apr 16)
(April Fools) Breakfast for Dinner (1 Apr 16)

Bibimbap & Board game brunch (31 Jan 16)
Macaroni Monday (25 Jan 16)
4 course Japanese (23 Jan 16)
Bibimbap & Board Games (20 Jan 16)
4 course Japanese (19 Jan 16)
Bibimbap & Board Games (13 Jan 16)
Macaroni Monday (11 Jan 16)
Gluten Free Japanese (10 Jan 16)

5-course Japanese lunch (13 Dec 15)
Macaroni Monday (14 Dec 15)
Macaroni Monday (18 May 15)

Macaroni Monday (18 Aug 14) Reviews
Japanese Night #9 (28 Jun 14)
Macaroni Monday
(19 May 14) Reviews
Macaroni Monday (31 Mar 14) Reviews
Springtime Shojin Ryori
(Temple Food) with FatGayVegan (21 Mar 14) 
Gluten-free Japanese Lunch
 (25 Jan 14)  Review

Japanese Eats #6 (26 Nov 13)
Osaka Festival Food (18 Jun 13) 
Korean Lunch (19 May 13)  Review
Japanese Eats #4 (27 Apr 13)  Review

Grilled Cheeze Night (16 Oct 12) 
Japanese Eats #3
 (29 Aug 12)
Tonkou Chinese Night
 (13 Aug 12) 
Japanese Eats #2 
(22 July 12) Messy Vegetarian review 1; Review 2
Japanese Eats #1
 (15 July 12)  To Happy Vegans review

Thanksgiving 2011(26 Nov 11) Fat Gay Vegan review


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