Slop #veganmofo 3

Day 3: What you cook when you’re tired. I didn’t have to even think about that one, which is great because I AM tire. My go to easy meal is something called “Slop”. It is not an appealing name, but sometimes it’s all you want to hear!

Slop is simply cooked red lentils. It is not a fancy dish and it doesn’t look that great (but you can certainly jazz it up!), let’s just say it has “a great personality”.

I actually have no photos of Slop. It’d be like taking a photo of instant noodles. But this is close! This would be a “jazzy” version with extra toppings.

up to 4 people

2 Cups red lentils, rinsed
6 Cups /750ml of water/broth (more water as needed)
Mixed frozen veg
Favorite hot sauce (I recommend Sambal Oelek for this)

Boil your water or broth. Add lentils. Turn down to a simmer and cook for 15 minutes.
Add frozen veg & cook another 10 min. You might need to add more water. Top with hot sauce.

Sometimes I sauté onions and chillies and garlic and add the lentils and water together. Sometimes I use chickpeas and fresh veggies. Sometimes I’ll top it with spring onions and sumac.

It’s lazy, so do what every you want! Just make sure the lentils are cooked.


Bibimbap #veganmofo 2

My Bibimbap supper club. Photo by @jezzingtonbear


I guess you would correctly guess that my main IMPRESSIVE food is traditional Japanese food. However, however simple a small Japanese dish looks, the layers of subtle flavours knocks your taste buds out. And creating TKOs are very time consuming. So that’s why I’m going for BIBIMBAP as my impressive dish!

It’s a Korean kitchen sink kind of recipe. I usually make this dish for friends the first time they come over. It’s easy, fairly quick and you can get ready most of it before the meal.

Bibimbap supper club

Basic steps:

Cook short grain rice.
Before serving, heat a non-stick frying pan and thickly spread the rice in it. Do not stir. Let it get all crunchy on the bottom! This simulates the traditional hot stone bowl which I should not be trusted with.
Add a little sesame oil before serving.

Lightly sauté firm veg like carrots, zucchini, daikon then toss with sesame oil and salt.
Boil bean sprouts then toss
Cook spinach and add rice vinegar for a bite.

Feel free to add a little chilli powder to any of these.

Place rice in a bowl that has been warmed in the oven. Arrange toppings. Sprinkle with black and white sesame seeds. Garnishes can be spring onions, radish, toasted nuts, etc.

Serve with a special Korean gochujang sauce (that I mix with dates and sesame oil) and then mix it all around!

It’s fun, interactive and something a little different, which is why I love impressing friends with it!

Curry Udon #veganmofo 1


It’s the time of year again! The first MoFo challenge is your favorite food.

The path of my  favourite food twists and turns sometimes, but it always leads to the same place: Curry Udon.

Oh yeah! All jazzed up with Brussels sprouts and chicky nugz!

Stolen from dead link on pintrest. But look how beautiful!
Stolen from dead link on pintrest. But look how beautiful!

In Asian stores, as well as some larger supermarkets, you will be able to find a box of Japanese curry roux. They look something like this:

Many are vegetarian (although most in Japan were not). Follow the instructions, sautéing onions and carrots then adding potato chunks (the classic ingredient combo) and simmering until they are cooked.

At this point, it is perfect. Perfecter with short grain rice. Maybe even with some broccoli on the side.
But that is curry RICE my friends, not curry udon.

My Curry Rice with vegan tonkatsu and pickled ginger
My Curry Rice with vegan tonkatsu and pickled ginger

For this you must get the CORRECT type of udon. It should NEVER be the dried variety. I don’t know what they’re trying to pull, but it’s otter nonsense. Image result for otter tongue

You can find the luxurious thick udon noodles in vacuum packed or frozen. Cook separately to the curry. Save some of the noodle water and add it to the curry. It’s lovely thick for curry rice, but we want it a bit soupy for the udon.

Image result for udon noodles pack

Place udon in a bowl and ladle the curry soup & veg on top. Top with spring onions! Perfection.

Curry soup for noodles (bonus vegan seitan).
Curry soup for noodles (bonus vegan seitan).

Supper clubs: Nov-Dec 2016


It’s only been 5 years, but I’m bringin’ back the Thanksgiving supper club with a vengeance!

Nov 1 (World Vegan Day!): Thanksgiving

Nov 8: Thanksgiving

Nov 15:Thanksgiving

Nov 17: Bibimbap & Board Games

Nov 22:Thanksgiving

Dec 7: Four course Japanese Night

Dec 11: Four course Japanese Night

Can’t make any of these dates? Want a different supper club? “Request” a date on, and we can work together for a time & club that works for you!

Tesco Vegan Wine List Sept 2016

The outrageously popular list is back and updated!

This time around, Tesco has made their Sept 2016 vegan list much more sensibly (albeit still in in alphabetical order). However, ain’t nobody have time to scroll through all that trying to find the wines! (Although do check it out- I had no idea their makeup brand was vegan.) So I’ve cleaned it up into an easy-to-read post. Cheers!

Disclaimer: their disclaimer is this is only valid until Nov 2016.

Click MORE to see it all baby!
Tesco vegan wine list as of Sept 2016:

Continue reading “Tesco Vegan Wine List Sept 2016”

Japanese Night: 6 Aug


You can book via EatWith or SocialBelly! Four courses to stuff yourself with for £28, click either link for the full menu and details.

You’ve seen the photos on Instagram and Facebook; we always have a great time and make new friends! Oh, and the food is pretty special too 😉

Currently, I am only setting up supper clubs by request. So if you’d like to attend a Japanese, Macaroni, etc night, please send a message.

Edamame & hijiki potato salad + supper club dates

Lots of my supper clubs and private dining come from requests (ie- just ask me!). The next upcoming ones are:

June 1: Bibimbap & Board Games (Korean food & games yeah!): Tickets
June 9: Japanese Night (Four courses and gluten-free): Tickets
(Events are always listed on Vegan Ronin Facebook too!)

I’m pretty excited about the gluten-free night, as I’m doing “Journey of the Soybean” as the first course. In celebration of this, I’d like to share a gluten-free interesting take on a potato salad, fast & loose, Ronin-style:

Edamame and Hijiki Potato Salad


None of the ingredients have to be perfect, if you want more or less of something- go for it! This helps hone your natural cooking skillz (with a z). This serves about 4 people as a side dish.Continue reading “Edamame & hijiki potato salad + supper club dates”

15th year Veganniversary

Welcome to the new layout! Hope you’re liking it- I’m still sorting it out a bit. In the mean time, I’m celebrating 15 YEARS of being vegan(!) and 19 years and one month of vegetarian (!!) AND National Vegetarian Week*! A LOT has changed from only getting side salads. Even in my small home town where bringing your own bag was looked at funny only a few years ago, now has a whole free-from & whole foods section! And now in a huge wonderful city like London, the choices are nearly endless. In recognition of all of this, I have a bit of a surprise for you:


I have been secretly working on a YouTube project. It is focusing on Japanese food you can make at home. Of course, all the food is FAST, EASY, LOOKS GREAT and is of course vegan with easy gluten-free options if needed! Many recipes are from my upcoming cookbook.

Here is my first video. Enjoy!

I’m still getting my “presentation-feet” (is that a thing?)**, but would be happy to hear any constructive feedback and/or what YOU would like to learn to cook!

Let’s have our vegan cake 

*AND Joey Ramone’s birthday

**big hugs to my thou-who-shall-not-be-named editor