Curry Udon #veganmofo 1

It’s the time of year again! The first MoFo challenge is your favorite food. The path of my¬† favourite food twists and turns sometimes, but it always leads to the same place: Curry Udon. In Asian stores, as well as some larger supermarkets, you will be able to find a box of Japanese curry roux.Continue reading “Curry Udon #veganmofo 1”

Curry Udon

Curry Udon is probably my favorite food ever.It’s indulgent, succulent, full of fat and calories and all that bad stuff that makes it tastes so good.Japanese curry is very different from Indian curry*. It’s smooth, savory, thick and mild (if you want). You will need –Veggies. Staples are onion and carrot chunks. Broccoli is niceContinue reading “Curry Udon”