Curry Udon

Curry Udon is probably my favorite food ever.
It’s indulgent, succulent, full of fat and calories and all that bad stuff that makes it tastes so good.
Japanese curry is very different from Indian curry*. It’s smooth, savory, thick and mild (if you want).

You will need

Veggies. Staples are onion and carrot chunks. Broccoli is nice too. No more than 3 veg, it’ll clog up the soup.

From your local Asian market:
Box of curry. Comes in mild to hot. Not all are veg, but Golden Curry is (has MSG in it though).
Bag of udon. This is PREMADE udon. Big thick noodles, either refrigerated or frozen. No dry noodles, those are blasphemous.

Sautee half an onion and a carrot for about 3 minutes.
Add about 2 cups of water, bring to a boil, then let simmer for about 10 minutes. (Add broccoli at the 5 minute mark).
Take off heat.

In your curry box, there will be two sections. each of those can break into 4 chunks. Break off one chunk, and stir in until dissolved.
Return to heat for about 5 minutes.
You want it to be soupy, so if it gets a little thick, just add some more water.

Frozen udon boils in a few minutes, and refrigerated udon noodles only take a minute.

Add to your curry, and then a big soup bowl!

As I transfered it to my bowl I added sliced age tofu– flavorless fried poofy tofu. Cuz yknow, I didn’t feel there were enough calories in this.

For curry rice, do not use as much water, so it is like a very thick gravy to ladle over your rice. Add potatoes to the cooking process, as well as any other veggies. I love this a lot too! It is a treat for me, I don’t eat this bad all the time =p

* ok food snobs, I’m just using the term “curry” for the generic main stream meaning. I know Indian food can have many different types of curry.


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2 thoughts on “Curry Udon

  1. choose your curry block with care, oh wandering vegan chef — beef fat is an ingredient in many of the popular curry bricksWandering Monk Kaiseki

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