Breakfast Buddies

EDIT: I have named these “Breakfast Buddies” and their glory can be seen in an updated version HERE! =)

Advisory Warning: This post uses filthy language. I’ll give you a hint, it starts with M and rhymes with mcdonalds (not worthy of capitalization).

Like most veggies, I was not raised vegan. Thus, sometimes guilty cravings creep in every now and then. Sometimes, I want a mcdonalds breakfast sandwich biscuit. THANKFULLY, I have a healthy alternative that quenches those cravings!

1st make polenta. This will be your ‘egg’.
1 part polenta (corn meal/grits) & a few shakes of salt: 3 parts water
slowly add polenta to boiling water, constantly stirring until thick. Stir a minute or two more or until polenta pulls away from the pan sides. Pour into a container and let cool until firm. While cooling…

2nd, make biscuits (American type)! You can make them super easy with Bisquik, or there’s plenty of biscuit recipes all over the web (basic uses: flour, baking powder, salt, oil, and ‘milk’).

3rd cut biscuits in half. slice polenta and place on each biscuit half. Add a slice of cheez, and maybe a little soy-sage if you’re feeling a bit saucy. Place in toaster oven on a low-med heat for about 2-3 minutes.

4th Enjoy them open-faced or put the sides back together for a monster craving smasher.

I ended up eating them open face because they were too tall! The fella on the left has some fake shredded pork on it (I like them better plain).

Polenta really can make wonder-foods!


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