Slop #veganmofo 3

Day 3: What you cook when you’re tired. I didn’t have to even think about that one, which is great because I AM tire. My go to easy meal is something called “Slop”. It is not an appealing name, but sometimes it’s all you want to hear! Slop is simply cooked red lentils. It isContinue reading “Slop #veganmofo 3”


Bibimbap #veganmofo 2

  I guess you would correctly guess that my main IMPRESSIVE food is traditional Japanese food. However, however simple a small Japanese dish looks, the layers of subtle flavours knocks your taste buds out. And creating TKOs are very time consuming. So that’s why I’m going for BIBIMBAP as my impressive dish! It’s a KoreanContinue reading “Bibimbap #veganmofo 2”

Supper clubs: Nov-Dec 2016

It’s only been 5 years, but I’m bringin’ back the Thanksgiving supper club with a vengeance! Nov 1 (World Vegan Day!): Thanksgiving Nov 8: Thanksgiving Nov 15:Thanksgiving Nov 17: Bibimbap & Board Games Nov 22:Thanksgiving Dec 7: Four course Japanese Night Dec 11: Four course Japanese Night Can’t make any of these dates? Want aContinue reading “Supper clubs: Nov-Dec 2016”

Tesco Vegan Wine List Sept 2016

The outrageously popular list is back and updated! This time around, Tesco has made their Sept 2016 vegan list much more sensibly (albeit still in in alphabetical order). However, ain’t nobody have time to scroll through all that trying to find the wines! (Although do check it out- I had no idea their makeup brandContinue reading “Tesco Vegan Wine List Sept 2016”

Edamame & hijiki potato salad + supper club dates

Lots of my supper clubs and private dining come from requests (ie- just ask me!). The next upcoming ones are: June 1: Bibimbap & Board Games (Korean food & games yeah!): Tickets June 9: Japanese Night (Four courses and gluten-free): Tickets (Events are always listed on Vegan Ronin Facebook too!) I’m pretty excited about theContinue reading “Edamame & hijiki potato salad + supper club dates”

April & May Supper clubs & events

  I’ve been enjoying my freelance chef life and the opportunity not to work myself into poor health! We can all appreciate that. I’ve been busy with supper clubs of course, but also private parties. I’m booked for birthdays, business meetings, family dinners, and hen dos! Feel free to get in contact about catering your nextContinue reading “April & May Supper clubs & events”