Seitan Stir Fry with Oyster Sauce

Now that you’ve made the seitan cutlets, you may have some leftover. Well, maybe. If you do, use them in this deliciously simple stir fry sauce. This has been adapted from Ken Hom’s recipe, which also includes a warm curried veggie salad (also pictured). But this post is really about the sauce. You don’t evenContinue reading “Seitan Stir Fry with Oyster Sauce”

Another vegan omelet

This Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s recipe from Vegan Brunch. This is my go-to for omelet and it also makes great egg for any Japanese “tamago” roll/yaki/sushi recipes! Vegan Omelet from Vegan Brunch by I.C.M. 2 garlic cloves (optional) 1 pound silken tofu, lightly drained (not the vacuum packed kind) or soft tofu; Nasoya brand is recommended 2 T nutritional yeastContinue reading “Another vegan omelet”

Underground supper clubs

You may have heard of them. Secret get-togethers of foodies and sous chefs. More than a few are in London. A handful may be vegan. But what about when it comes to the ultimate pig-out day: THANKSGIVING A lot of us Americans do not like the history of Thanksgiving and most of us aren’t going to beContinue reading “Underground supper clubs”