Chinese New Year secret vegan supper club

I’ve been happy to constantly have supper clubs the past few months! It’s so much fun! The latest one is for Chinese┬áNew Year! If you’re going to be in London the 22 of February, I do hope you can come! Book here. (psssst- if you can’t come to that one, how about the Japanese 5Continue reading “Chinese New Year secret vegan supper club”

Vegan food in China: the photos; VeganMofo5

Here is what you have been waiting for! I worked in Beijing for a month this summer, and here are the photos of a bunch of stuff I ate. I will have another post about the food in general and stories about being vegan in China. It’s easier for me to put these in categoriesContinue reading “Vegan food in China: the photos; VeganMofo5”

Seitan Stir Fry with Oyster Sauce

Now that you’ve made the seitan cutlets, you may have some leftover. Well, maybe. If you do, use them in this deliciously simple stir fry sauce. This has been adapted from Ken Hom’s recipe, which also includes a warm curried veggie salad (also pictured). But this post is really about the sauce. You don’t evenContinue reading “Seitan Stir Fry with Oyster Sauce”

Pot stickers

a.k.a. gyoza or Chinese dumplings This recipe is pretty organic, working with what you have! I think mushrooms make a pretty good filling (in lieu of fake meat), I added some tofu just to bulk it up. Mushrooms (pack), dicedOnions (1/2), dicedTofu (1/2 block), drained & crumbledcarrot (1/2 stick), sesame oil*small bowl of water PackContinue reading “Pot stickers”

Vegetarian Chinese Chicken

I randomly stumbled across this recipe and it sounded interesting. It certainly didn’t taste like chicken, but maybe Chinese chicken is just a fun thing to call it. It was tasty at any rate! It was chewy with a nice bite of soy sauce and can be eaten burrito style if you wish! Thanks JenYu‘sContinue reading “Vegetarian Chinese Chicken”

Mapo Dofu/ Mabo Tofu

This is the best I’ve ever had! And smells divine!This dish is popular in China and Japan. Spicy and warm with the smoothness of tofu. 1 box silken-firm tofu1/2 C beef-style crumbles (or TVP bits, slightly moistened)3 Tbsp sesame oil 1 chili pepper, minced (or 3 Tbsp mild chili powder)1 small onion, minced1 clove garlic,Continue reading “Mapo Dofu/ Mabo Tofu”

General Tso’s Tofu

Well bite my ass and call me Sally! I had another recipe lined up for today, but last night was such an incredible success, I couldn’t wait to share it. I figured out how to make restaurant-style General Tso’s Tofu. Ready? 2 C dried bean curd skin/peel2 C broth (1 bouillon cube = 2 CContinue reading “General Tso’s Tofu”

Sweet and Sour TVP Pork

First, you will need some chunky TVP (texturized vegetable protein) I altered this recipe from Yield: 4 servings * 1 cup TVP chunks * 1 tablespoon ketchup * 1 3/4 cups hot water * 1 cup carrots – (1 large carrot), sliced * 1 green pepper, large chop * 1 cup water * 20Continue reading “Sweet and Sour TVP Pork”