Big Gluten Ball stir fry

I made my great return to the Asian Supermarket after a year and a half. And they got some new stock, including a myriad of veggie meats. I also bought some ramen packages with nothing other than a picture of a wizard* on the front. But I will save that for another time. Today, I focus on BIG GLUTEN BALLS!!!

This mysterious package laid eyes on me and new I was a sucker. And for 89 cents how could I say “no”?

I soaked the mysterious balls and stir fried them with mushrooms as directed by LimingXu. A little squishy, but not bad. I think I will stuff them next time!

*Punch teh Wizared


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One thought on “Big Gluten Ball stir fry

  1. good!!! this is the best way to prepare something delicious and easy, to many people prepare something like this is a low quality food, guess what? not to me, sometimes the fast food could be good and nutritive.

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