Garlic Shrimp and angel hair

I like saying “shrimps” so shut it. Shrimps are cute, and I don’t like saying “I ate shrimp,” so I dub their new vegan name… ‘Rimpies! Or maybe Shrimpens. Shrimplies? Shrimpy MaGee? Shirmples? You tell me.

I found these Shrimples in a large Asian supermarket.

1. Cook your angel hair pasta.

2. In the meantime, on med-low melt a bunch of butter in a skillet. Put in as much chopped garlic as you like and your THAWED shrimples. (Allow a few hours of defrosting on your counter top before using)

Oddly enough, as the shrimples cook, they do turn a little pink! Maybe it was my imagination, but I don’t think so.

3. Drain pasta when cooked and tossed with garlic butter sauce, shrimpies, and a pinch of Italian seasoning.
(Salt for taste if you want to, you probably won’t need it though.)

RESULT: They do smell like shrimp. My mom thought they were too chewy. But they taste fine and if you wait a few minutes after cooking, they soften up. AND they squirt delicious butter garlic sauce in your mouth when you bite into them! AWESOME!


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2 thoughts on “Garlic Shrimp and angel hair

  1. it’s amazing all the stuff you can buy France we don’t have a lot of options, most stuff we have to invent, or get from other countries…vegans shrimpels, yummy, i’d loooove some!!!

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