Stuffed Shells

Great for a dinner party or plenty of portions to freeze for yourself! This was also my contribution for the Vegan Potluck #6 (Hi new and newer friends!) ***THIS IS A DOUBLE PORTION FOR MANY PEOPLE!!! Please HALVE or QUARTER the recipe for “normal” people amount.***   Stuffed Shells Main Ingredients: 1 bag of large pastaContinue reading “Stuffed Shells”


Awesome Mushroom Sauce

This sauce is so simple, yet mind-blowingly good!You can use it on pasta, tofu slabs, a savory non-Asian stir fry… anything really!Morel mushrooms work the best in this, but any number of mushrooms and mushrooms mixes could work in this (make sure they are fresh or re-hydrated. Fresh are available around May). Awesome Mushroom SauceContinue reading “Awesome Mushroom Sauce”

Garlic Shrimp and angel hair

I like saying “shrimps” so shut it. Shrimps are cute, and I don’t like saying “I ate shrimp,” so I dub their new vegan name… ‘Rimpies! Or maybe Shrimpens. Shrimplies? Shrimpy MaGee? Shirmples? You tell me. I found these Shrimples in a large Asian supermarket. 1. Cook your angel hair pasta. 2. In the meantime,Continue reading “Garlic Shrimp and angel hair”

THE lasagna

From top to bottom: topless, top on, sliced Make it yourself, there is no going back!Sometimes I will even just make the cheez to use on other things it’s so amazing. I usually up the ‘butter’, ‘mayo’ and nutritional yeast. It just makes it tastier!! Silken tofu does work best texture-wise, but regular style isContinue reading “THE lasagna”

Easy Veggie Spaghetti

This dish is great because its dirt cheap. Generic pasta and veggies in the discount section makes it taste oh so much better and fresher! Today I used about 65 grams of spaghetti pasta, broken in half. I think that may be half of the one serving “spaghetti hole” calculator. sauteed:zucchinioniongreen pepperfrozen carrot, peas, cornContinue reading “Easy Veggie Spaghetti”