Stuffed Shells

Great for a dinner party or plenty of portions to freeze for yourself! This was also my contribution for the Vegan Potluck #6 (Hi new and newer friends!) ***THIS IS A DOUBLE PORTION FOR MANY PEOPLE!!! Please HALVE or QUARTER the recipe for “normal” people amount.***   Stuffed Shells Main Ingredients: 1 bag of large pastaContinue reading “Stuffed Shells”


Green Bean Casserole

I’ll be honest. The thought of the traditional green bean casserole turns my stomach. Lifeless, canned green beans with salty, fake onion thingies on top? No thanks. I recently had some fresh green beans, and wanted to do something special with them. Something saucy!I made my own casserole based on this recipe for Green BeanContinue reading “Green Bean Casserole”

Traditional Lasagna with Béchamel Sauce

I’ve been making and eating this so much in the past weeks no wonder I couldn’t update! AND IT TOTALLY FOOLS OMNIS! Our European brothers and sisters make lasagna a little differently than we do in North America. They use a white (Béchamel) sauce, where as we just tend to pile on mountains of cheeseContinue reading “Traditional Lasagna with Béchamel Sauce”