Stuffed Shells

Great for a dinner party or plenty of portions to freeze for yourself! This was also my contribution for the Vegan Potluck #6 (Hi new and newer friends!) ***THIS IS A DOUBLE PORTION FOR MANY PEOPLE!!! Please HALVE or QUARTER the recipe for “normal” people amount.***   Stuffed Shells Main Ingredients: 1 bag of large pastaContinue reading “Stuffed Shells”

Traditional Lasagna with Béchamel Sauce

I’ve been making and eating this so much in the past weeks no wonder I couldn’t update! AND IT TOTALLY FOOLS OMNIS! Our European brothers and sisters make lasagna a little differently than we do in North America. They use a white (Béchamel) sauce, where as we just tend to pile on mountains of cheeseContinue reading “Traditional Lasagna with Béchamel Sauce”

THE lasagna

From top to bottom: topless, top on, sliced Make it yourself, there is no going back!Sometimes I will even just make the cheez to use on other things it’s so amazing. I usually up the ‘butter’, ‘mayo’ and nutritional yeast. It just makes it tastier!! Silken tofu does work best texture-wise, but regular style isContinue reading “THE lasagna”