Mac and Sheese

Ahhh, comfort food!Mama Ronin’s macaroni and cheese could not be beat. I think I’ve got it down after years of toil!For the best Mac and Cheez, start with a roux. Finely chop some onion.Lightly sautee in butter or oil (a little more than you need for the onions)Add some flour and stir until all mixed.Continue reading “Mac and Sheese”


Portabella burger

This monster is stacked high!! You need:Portabella cap Fire roasted peppers and their marinade (or fresh bell pepper slices and a good dressing/marinade).Eggplant slicesSpinachSheeseToasted bread Marinade the portabella, peppers, and eggplant in a big baking dish. I used the marinade that the peppers were packed in, but any good marinade will do. Let soak forContinue reading “Portabella burger”