Lentils & Beans & Grains & Peas

And that’s really all it is! One pot thick soup of joy.   Lentils, red (rinsed) couple handfuls Beans, mix of cannelini & black Grains, quinoa, small handful Green peas, frozen Broth (I added vegan ham seasoning) filled to about an inch over the ingredients. Bring to a boil, then turn to low and simmerContinue reading “Lentils & Beans & Grains & Peas”

Light Tofu in Broth

This soup is super quick and easy! It’s also nice and light, but the broth keeps you from being hungry afterwards! Broth:Boil water and wakame (or other sea veggies),cubed firm tofu and finely chopped onion.(Maybe add some garlic powder and a hint of soy sauce if you want more flavor) Once boiling, add dumpling doughContinue reading “Light Tofu in Broth”

Split Pea Soup with dumplings

Simmer dried peas withonionsmix frozen veg (carrot, pes, corn) Spices:saltcurryparsley topper Dumplings!You can make dumplings by combining a biscuit mix with soymilk so the dough is not so sticky & throw them in the boiling soup.ORPlay with this recipe from vegweb.com : (I personally use olive oil for the fat and no spices) “Dumplings 1Continue reading “Split Pea Soup with dumplings”

Potato Soup

By Rex Allen and V. Ronin Once upon a time, in the cold, heartless days of lake-effect weather, Rex and I perfected a soup that would satisfy our souls and bellies before braving the dark evenings of work. YOU NEEDPotatoesCarrotsOnionsnon-dairy drink(optional)Garlic powderSaltItalian herb mix (or just oregano, basil, parsley, pinch of rosemary and thyme) BlenderContinue reading “Potato Soup”