Potato Soup

By Rex Allen and V. Ronin

Once upon a time, in the cold, heartless days of lake-effect weather, Rex and I perfected a soup that would satisfy our souls and bellies before braving the dark evenings of work.

non-dairy drink(optional)
Garlic powder
Italian herb mix (or just oregano, basil, parsley, pinch of rosemary and thyme)


Cut your potatoes to the size of chunks you want (I leave the skins on). Today I used 4 medium sized white potatoes. Boil for about 10 minutes, or until they easily fall apart when pierced with a fork, chopstick, skewer, what-have-you.

After about 5 minutes, throw in a handful of chopped carrots and chopped onions into the boiling water. (Today- 1 carrot, quartered long ways, and chopped. 1/2 onion large chunks)

When potatoes are done, ladle about half of the veggie chunks and broth into the blender. We add a few hefty spalshes of regular soy milk to this for the added cream factor. BLEND until thick and uniform.

Add the blended mix back into the pot. Add a generous amount of garlic powder, and a few hefty shakes of salt. “Pepper” with your italian seasonings. Stir. Taste, and adjust the spices as you like. Serve and garnish! Rex liked his with lots of fresh pepper on top. I used parsley for a pop of color and flavor.


**And I actually found fresh baguettes! I bought two to freeze one, since the store isn’t close by. I’m so happy!


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4 thoughts on “Potato Soup

  1. Rex Allen and Ronin are the freaking master cheifs. Seperated by basically half the globe if these two ever joined forces again……..BAM!!!

  2. so i tried to make a version of this soup and having never blended soup before i didn’t realize that too much hot soup in the blender with the lid on super tight would result in an explosion that burned the crap out of my hand. perhaps in future recipes you could include suggestions or recommendations for us idiots and first time chefs. thanks!

  3. ack sorry to hear that sarah beth! I always try and keep a hand on the lid, because I don”t trust the little bugger…-VR

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