Down home cookin’!

A sick day at home, you want comfort food with no effort.So the sick day menu included:Garlic Mashed PotatoesBrown Onion GravySauteed Garlic MushroomsToast Garlic Mashed PotatoesBoil some chopped potatoes until they easily break when pierced with a fork (about 8-10 min). I keep the skin on.Drain, put in a large bowl with freshly minced garlicContinue reading “Down home cookin’!”

Potato Soup

By Rex Allen and V. Ronin Once upon a time, in the cold, heartless days of lake-effect weather, Rex and I perfected a soup that would satisfy our souls and bellies before braving the dark evenings of work. YOU NEEDPotatoesCarrotsOnionsnon-dairy drink(optional)Garlic powderSaltItalian herb mix (or just oregano, basil, parsley, pinch of rosemary and thyme) BlenderContinue reading “Potato Soup”