Awesome Mushroom Sauce

This sauce is so simple, yet mind-blowingly good!You can use it on pasta, tofu slabs, a savory non-Asian stir fry… anything really!Morel mushrooms work the best in this, but any number of mushrooms and mushrooms mixes could work in this (make sure they are fresh or re-hydrated. Fresh are available around May). Awesome Mushroom SauceContinue reading “Awesome Mushroom Sauce”


Eggplant Rice Bowl

“Gyuu-don” in Japan is a popular beef rice bowl. Gross I know. But don’t worry! A super tastier & healthier rice bowl is ready to take it’s place as Number One! EGGPLANT RICE BOWL!“Nasu-don” makes 4 bowls 2 medium Asian eggplants (or one regular large eggplant)1 onion, chopped1 C “dashi” (konbu, wakame, or vegetable stock)1/4Continue reading “Eggplant Rice Bowl”