Seitan Stir Fry with Oyster Sauce

Now that you’ve made the seitan cutlets, you may have some leftover. Well, maybe. If you do, use them in this deliciously simple stir fry sauce. This has been adapted from Ken Hom’s recipe, which also includes a warm curried veggie salad (also pictured). But this post is really about the sauce. You don’t evenContinue reading “Seitan Stir Fry with Oyster Sauce”

What else can I do with Brussels Sprouts?

I’ve made Brussels Sprouts before, even having it listed 3 other times on my little food tag list over there, ———————————–> I only ever put general ideas, not recipes. Even though I’ve put up plenty of recipes, Vegan Ronin is about the FEEL of food. Letting meals come organically (except desserts; not a lot ofContinue reading “What else can I do with Brussels Sprouts?”

Mustard-glazed Brussels Sprouts

  Happy Thanksgiving, you Canucks! Sadly, the mighty Brussels sprout has been lumped into only being eaten at Thanksgivings, Christmas, and other chilly, holiday events. But, you guys, Brussels sprouts are RAD and should be eaten all the time while they’re in season! Make sure you always buy sprouts that are firm and tight, soContinue reading “Mustard-glazed Brussels Sprouts”

Vegan cooking for the omni family

Yes you too can wow your omni family! Bold flavors will erase any doubts they ever had!Use this as a template to pump up your own hearty meal. Menu:Sage biscuitsFresh salad and croĆ»tonsPolenta with roasted red peppersHomemade ravioliGarlic Brussels sproutsFresh fruit in phyllo cups *Appetizer*Sage Biscuits Recipe hereFast and easy and a crowd pleaser! *Salad*FreshContinue reading “Vegan cooking for the omni family”