Brussels Bites

So I had a remark that there is not enough “how-to” any more here. I guess I agree, so here we go! A completely original recipe.

Did you know it’s Brussels sprouts, not Brussel sprouts? The more you know!

Brussels Bites
I know it’s not a very good name, but suck it.

How to clean & cook Brussels Sprouts:
Rinse them well. Peel off the outside layer of leaves and chop off the stem. Make an X with your knife in the bottom of the stem (to cook better). Steam for about 5 minutes (until they are bright green). But for this recipe, maybe only 3 minutes.

Pan fry some Tofurky Beer Brat medallions with oil and garlic, and toss in the Brussels sprouts with it for a few more minutes.

Next, get some pre-made croissant dough. Depending on how many sprouts you have, you may have to put the precut pieces back together and then re-cut out how many pieces of dough you need.

Place one medallion and sprout in the croissant square. Then wrap the dough around the two, slightly patting it into a ball, trying to get the air out. Repeat with the rest. Try and work quickly if possible. Bake by the croissant directions (about 10 minutes until golden brown). Enjoy!

I also made standard mashed potatoes as a side, along with portobella and onion gravy. I’ve become awesome at making gravy from scratch. It involves browned flour, oil for the fat, water and soy sauce. Usually though in some mushrooms at the end.
Here is a good basic gravy recipe until you can get a handle on it yourself. Seriously, cooking it in that order is the key to good gravy.


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3 thoughts on “Brussels Bites

  1. I’ve never even had brussels sprouts. These look really.. intruiging though. I want to try one but I’d probably hate brussel sprouts so much.

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