Underground supper clubs

You may have heard of them. Secret get-togethers of foodies and sous chefs. More than a few are in London. A handful may be vegan. But what about when it comes to the ultimate pig-out day:


A lot of us Americans do not like the history of Thanksgiving and most of us aren’t going to be eating the traditional fare. Thankfully, Thanksgiving has evolved to actually being thankful for everything, being with loved ones (not necessarily your family), and entering food comas. And we all know: Vegans Do It Best.

There will be so much vegan food with new friends on 26 November, what’s not to like?! Click the picture for more info! Get your ticket while you can!


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2 thoughts on “Underground supper clubs

  1. Rather disappointingly, I’m going to be away for the Thanksgiving supper club weekend. Don’t suppose there’ll be a Thanksgiving take two? Failing that, can you just post me a slice of pumpkin pie?!

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