April & May Supper clubs & events



I’ve been enjoying my freelance chef life and the opportunity not to work myself into poor health! We can all appreciate that. I’ve been busy with supper clubs of course, but also private parties. I’m booked for birthdays, business meetings, family dinners, and hen dos! Feel free to get in contact about catering your next event.

I’m doing a few new supper clubs nights, but very excited about London’s first Vegan Wine Event! It’s an educational evening trying many boutique wines with lots of food to match. I hope you can make it!

Click the links to get more info and book your spot:


1- (April Fools) Breakfast for Dinner

3-  Afternoon Tea

4- Miracle Fruit Flavour-Tripping events

8- American Night

10- Japanese brunch

11- Taiwanese Night

25- Macaroni Monday

26- Bibimbap & Board Games

28- Vegan Wine Event

29- Japanese Friday Night Dinner



1- Veganniversary Party

4- May the Fourth Be With You; Star Wars Night

5- Vegan Wine Event



January Vegan Supper Clubs

I’ll be doing some new food training in February, so grab a seat for some great supper clubs this month!


Click the link to book and enjoy January special pricing too!

This is just the overview of dates.
Get more the information about the events at Vegan Ronin Underground Supper Clubs

Sun 10 Jan: Gluten Free Japanese

Mon 11 Jan: Macaroni Monday

Wed 13 Jan: Bibimbap & Board Games

Tue 19 Jan: 4 course Japanese

Wed 20 Jan: Bibimbap & Board Games

Sat 23 Jan: 4 course Japanese

Mon 25 Jan: Macaroni Monday

Sun 31 Jan: Bibimbap & Board Games Brunch

New Supper Clubs & Classes!



I’m very happy to get back into the supper club scene! I missed you and it seems you missed me as well. ❤ Aw shucks!


I’ve scheduled quite a few dates through mid-December, and I do hope you can make it. I have also created a class on making simple & stunning vegan holiday food to impress everyone! See you very soon! x


An updated list from my bare bones supper club website, Vegan Ronin Underground. I use Social Belly & EatWith for trusted bookings.


Dec 1 Vegan Holiday cooking class
Dec 5 American Thanksgiving
Dec 13 5-course Japanese lunch
Dec 14 Macaroni Monday
Dec 17 Christmas Dinner


3 months at Veg Bar

Hello all!

I can’t believe I haven’t let you Ronin-ites know all the news in the past three months. But hopefully you’ve been checking out the Instagram feed in the meantime. – – – >

Since mid-July I’ve been the Head Chef at VegBar in Brixton, London. It was such an amazing opportunity, how could I say “no”? So I was completely thrown in, the only cook, 6-day 75 hour weeks (plus 2 hour commutes!). Prep, cooking, cleaning, all that admin- all me. Missed last trains, sleeping in the club downstairs, and on the manager’s sofa. Seeing DinnerMonkey maybe 1-2 hours a day. Getting RSI, multiple burns, achy joints. Going crazy has definitely been a lifestyle adjustment!

We’re 6 months old, still a baby and finding our feet, but wow, have we turned the place around.

We are not a sprouted lentil hippie place*; we are a comfort junk food rock n roll diner.

One of the best sellers is my Mac & “Cheese” with my homemade sauce I’ve perfected from my Macaroni Monday supper clubs!

The next most loved is the Seitan Wings. I originally made these with mushrooms, but it wasn’t working for me cooking bulk. So I tweaked and streamlined the seitan recipe, and now have a crunchy-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside nuggets. Vegans and Omnis alike have both said they are “amazing” and that they “have never had anything like it!” which tickles me pink still as it is MY creation. Wow.

The number one seller is the burger. And not just any burger. It’s the FGV Deluxe Burger. Yes, FGV as in Fat Gay Vegan. He’s always been supportive of me and he wanted a burger. So we worked together to make a burger and veganized the most famous burger in the world. Two all-vegan patties, special sauce, lettuce, “cheese”, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun. Although I call it Awesome Sauce =)

I guess I’m just saying, I am working myself to the bone. I am called “Chef” and I am promoting veganism. Sharing food with loved ones is the best way to show the cruelty-free lifestyle is totally doable. And that’s awesome.

So, I hope you come visit me with a friend at VegBar and say “HULLO!”


*I love that stuff too. There are quite a few in London, and I think that colors people’s views on veganism. You know, the clientele of clean-eating, I-do-yoga-and-make-more-money-than-you’ll-ever-know, better-than-you places. Which is why I love we have comfort food that appeals to lots of people in a non-pretentious way.

Kale Volcano

When you’re in the checkout line at your local health food store and the guy in front of you buys some tempeh and you’re like “HOLY BATMAN! I have tempeh at home!” (Or maybe, “I have tempeh at home!”) And when you’re pretty sure you have peanut butter… you make a:


And the outer lying tempeh islands. A peanut and coconut archipelago if you will!

First and most importantly,

A can of coconut milk 

4 spoons of crunchy peanut butter 

SRIRACHA as much or as little as you like 

A glug or two of soy sauce/tamari depending (always be tasting) 

A good squeeze of agave/maple syrup/brown sugar

-put this in a sauce pan and simmer. It will reduce a bit and get nice and thick. Add a bit of water if it’s getting too thick (or is too strong).

Perfect brown basmati rice:
1 cup brown basmati rice and 500 ml water. Put on to boil with lid on (keep an eye on it- I know you will! You’ll  e whipping up the sauce), turn down to low to simmer for 20 min. Take off heat and let set for at least 5 min.

heat vegetable oil and fry slices until brown on both sides (this helps get rid of the taste some people don’t like- and it’s crunchy fried goodness).

in remaining frying oil, add cashews and gently toss, keeping a close eye on them as they will burn easily. When they have a nice color, fish them out.

Veggie base:
raw baby kale salad, dinosaur kale sautéed with garlic and (cheater frozen mixed) vegetables.

Spring onion:
chop them fine and set them aside to top for that crunchy, spicy onion bite.

Archipelago assemble! Hooooooooo! (That’s more of a Thundercats call vs a Ric Flair battle cry)

Enjoy! Wooo! (Ok that’s Ric Flair).

NOTE! This sauce makes A LOT. Like for 6 people at least. And it goes great on everything, so go ahead and impress your friends. I’ve been using the left overs as a dipping sauce for pretzels- but stick some carrots with it as an appetizers and see your scene points sky rocket.

Chinese New Year secret vegan supper club

I’ve been happy to constantly have supper clubs the past few months! It’s so much fun! The latest one is for Chinese New Year! If you’re going to be in London the 22 of February, I do hope you can come! Book here.
(psssst- if you can’t come to that one, how about the Japanese 5 course meal on 9 Feb?)


Here is the menu. There is a lot, as usual:

Welcome drink:
Plum cocktail aperitifDSCN1157

Mains & sides:
Shiitake & Bamboo Treasure Congee
Wealthy dumplings
Buddha’s Delight of mixed lucky vegetables
Stir-fried lettuce, Shredded tofu skin salad, lotus root with goji berries, sesame braised aubergine, celery stir fry with peanuts, hot potato slivers, and cucumber salad.
Lucky almond cake with jujubes
Togetherness black sesame dumplings
Red bean pancake rolls
Auspicious tangerines
Jasmine flowers
Pu Erh

And a little holiday surprise for the guests!

So grab a friend, come hungry and experience the secret supper club craze!

Tesco Vegan Wine List 2015

Update: Check out the 2016 list!

If you’re in the UK , shop at Tesco, a drinker and/or buying wine for a vegan- then this is for you!
Tesco has a regularly updated VEGAN LIST PDF on their Real Food Vegetarian/Vegan page (thumbs up!). Except this time, for whatever reason, it has no rhyme or rhythm to it. So I pulled an OCD and made a vegan wine list by type, region and alphabetical order.

This is the Tesco Vegan Wine List until March 1, 2015.

The list is pretty long (yay!), so click MORE to read it all!

I also made a PDF sheet you can download (and print!) here: TescoWinePDF

Continue reading “Tesco Vegan Wine List 2015”

Smoothie Tip!

One day, I will write a real article on smoothies and how incredible they are and my favorite types and so forth. I even have a friendly “smoothie-off” going between Mitsu from ToHappyVegans.com and me on Twitter. Feel free to grab a fancy glass and join in!

But for now, I wanted to share an amazing little tip I read this morning in 155 Healthy Smoothies: Everything you need to know about making delicious smoothies and understanding their health benefits ebook by Pawel Malczewski. It has an “Amazon #1 Best Seller” award and more importantly, has some smoothies with black beans in it! Whoa Nelly!


To make a frosty smoothie, add ice last. Otherwise the blender will turn it to water before the smoothie is ready.

….. !! Duh! Why didn’t I think of that?!

I blended a ripe pineapple with a bit of OJ, then threw in some ice and I had a little glass of sunshine on a blustery day.

So what will you be blending up next?




London: Skate For Oceans!



We all know and love Fat Gay Vegan, who has his fingers in all the vegan pies in London, and now he brings us this! So high-five him the next time you see him!


(**those are twinkly lights **)


But it’s not any ol’ gigantic roller disco, as this is a fund raiser disco for ocean champions Sea Shepard UK too!

You’re gonna have an unforgettable afternoon of skating, pop music, drinking and socialising in order to raise funds and awareness for one of the most important conservation groups on the planet  when two massive roller skating rinks will be jam packed with compassionate skaters rolling to pumping tunes! Yeah!

Skate for Oceans in Vauxhall will raise much-needed funds for the non-profit UK arm of Sea Shepherd Global. These tireless ocean crusaders undertake dangerous missions on the high seas in order to put an end to the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in our seas.

OMG AND HOT DOGS! Attendees will also be able feast on the much-loved vegan hot dog cuisine of fast food superstars The Mighty Fork who will be selling in the beer garden.


Sunday 23rd March, 12:00-17:00

Admit one ticket: £15 plus booking fee

Admit one ticket on the door (if available): £20

Non-attendance supporter ticket: £5 (to show support for event in your absence)

18+ only. Skate hire included in entry fee.

Get your tickets HERE. Pick out your best roller disco outfit. Tell your friends, far and wide. We are going to Skate for Oceans and have a lot of fun doing it.

Fry’s Vegetarian have generously contributed to the cost of the venue hire. Follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook to show your appreciation.

Skate for Oceans will be donating funds to Sea Shepherd UK. Follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook