Kale Volcano

When you’re in the checkout line at your local health food store and the guy in front of you buys some tempeh and you’re like “HOLY BATMAN! I have tempeh at home!” (Or maybe, “I have tempeh at home!”) And when you’re pretty sure you have peanut butter… you make a:


And the outer lying tempeh islands. A peanut and coconut archipelago if you will!

First and most importantly,

A can of coconut milk 

4 spoons of crunchy peanut butter 

SRIRACHA as much or as little as you like 

A glug or two of soy sauce/tamari depending (always be tasting) 

A good squeeze of agave/maple syrup/brown sugar

-put this in a sauce pan and simmer. It will reduce a bit and get nice and thick. Add a bit of water if it’s getting too thick (or is too strong).

Perfect brown basmati rice:
1 cup brown basmati rice and 500 ml water. Put on to boil with lid on (keep an eye on it- I know you will! You’ll  e whipping up the sauce), turn down to low to simmer for 20 min. Take off heat and let set for at least 5 min.

heat vegetable oil and fry slices until brown on both sides (this helps get rid of the taste some people don’t like- and it’s crunchy fried goodness).

in remaining frying oil, add cashews and gently toss, keeping a close eye on them as they will burn easily. When they have a nice color, fish them out.

Veggie base:
raw baby kale salad, dinosaur kale sautéed with garlic and (cheater frozen mixed) vegetables.

Spring onion:
chop them fine and set them aside to top for that crunchy, spicy onion bite.

Archipelago assemble! Hooooooooo! (That’s more of a Thundercats call vs a Ric Flair battle cry)

Enjoy! Wooo! (Ok that’s Ric Flair).

NOTE! This sauce makes A LOT. Like for 6 people at least. And it goes great on everything, so go ahead and impress your friends. I’ve been using the left overs as a dipping sauce for pretzels- but stick some carrots with it as an appetizers and see your scene points sky rocket.


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