3 months at Veg Bar

Hello all!

I can’t believe I haven’t let you Ronin-ites know all the news in the past three months. But hopefully you’ve been checking out the Instagram feed in the meantime. – – – >

Since mid-July I’ve been the Head Chef at VegBar in Brixton, London. It was such an amazing opportunity, how could I say “no”? So I was completely thrown in, the only cook, 6-day 75 hour weeks (plus 2 hour commutes!). Prep, cooking, cleaning, all that admin- all me. Missed last trains, sleeping in the club downstairs, and on the manager’s sofa. Seeing DinnerMonkey maybe 1-2 hours a day. Getting RSI, multiple burns, achy joints. Going crazy has definitely been a lifestyle adjustment!

We’re 6 months old, still a baby and finding our feet, but wow, have we turned the place around.

We are not a sprouted lentil hippie place*; we are a comfort junk food rock n roll diner.

One of the best sellers is my Mac & “Cheese” with my homemade sauce I’ve perfected from my Macaroni Monday supper clubs!

The next most loved is the Seitan Wings. I originally made these with mushrooms, but it wasn’t working for me cooking bulk. So I tweaked and streamlined the seitan recipe, and now have a crunchy-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside nuggets. Vegans and Omnis alike have both said they are “amazing” and that they “have never had anything like it!” which tickles me pink still as it is MY creation. Wow.

The number one seller is the burger. And not just any burger. It’s the FGV Deluxe Burger. Yes, FGV as in Fat Gay Vegan. He’s always been supportive of me and he wanted a burger. So we worked together to make a burger and veganized the most famous burger in the world. Two all-vegan patties, special sauce, lettuce, “cheese”, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun. Although I call it Awesome Sauce =)

I guess I’m just saying, I am working myself to the bone. I am called “Chef” and I am promoting veganism. Sharing food with loved ones is the best way to show the cruelty-free lifestyle is totally doable. And that’s awesome.

So, I hope you come visit me with a friend at VegBar and say “HULLO!”


*I love that stuff too. There are quite a few in London, and I think that colors people’s views on veganism. You know, the clientele of clean-eating, I-do-yoga-and-make-more-money-than-you’ll-ever-know, better-than-you places. Which is why I love we have comfort food that appeals to lots of people in a non-pretentious way.


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