January Vegan Supper Clubs

I’ll be doing some new food training in February, so grab a seat for some great supper clubs this month! Click the link to book and enjoy January special pricing too! This is just the overview of dates. Get more the information about the events at Vegan Ronin Underground Supper Clubs Sun 10 Jan: Gluten FreeContinue reading “January Vegan Supper Clubs”


Saffron Almond Vegan Chicken

Now it’s time for a cosy week night dinner! Let me tell you, I am IN LOVE with this sauce. You can smother over ANYTHING and elevate it to a whole new level. mmmmmmmmm But for our nice dinner tonight, I am using Fry’s chicken patties. Nice and easy! Saffron Almond Chicken 1 pack Fry’s Chicken pattiesContinue reading “Saffron Almond Vegan Chicken”

Sticky Spicy Sweet Korean Chilli Chicken

A lot of you probably know Fry’s. It’s a family owned, South African-based company that makes all sorts of frozen products that are all vegan! I’ve been having fun with their mock meats and making recipes with them. Since it’s Sunday, I figure it’s a good time for some finger foods… and you know IContinue reading “Sticky Spicy Sweet Korean Chilli Chicken”

Things I want to share with you.

Who says only children are incapable of sharing?! 1. Vegan Month of Food (aka Vegan MOFO) starts Oct 1 and I will start out with a spicy bang! You will find me and lots of other vegans blabbing away more than usual; mine will be food based (durr). 2. Gojee.com. My new favorite food website. HalfContinue reading “Things I want to share with you.”

I’m back, tofurkeys!

News. News. News. New website. Easier to update. So please change your bookmarks! And a Facebook page! You can get updates there so then you can be updated when you need your sweet cheeks over here! I have a ridiculous amount of backlog just waiting to show off. So start your little vegan engines! Lucky,Continue reading “I’m back, tofurkeys!”