A review from To Happy Vegans of the recent Japanese Underground Supper Club I hosted!

The Vegan Ronin's Underground Supper Club

Japanese Sunday ended up being a very long and leisurely lunch into dinner! It was mellow and relaxing and the food t’weren’t too bad neither! I only had time (cough cough remembered) to take a mere two photos. Thankfully, Mitsu— yes, THAT Mitsu of To Happy Vegans was here (AND her Japanese mum. Talk about pressure!). Anyway! She took a bunch breathtaking photos and gave the dinner a lovely, lovely review. Check it out here! (And while you are there, check out their new Vegan Food Swap for the UK!)

If you are interested in coming to a future Japanese underground dinner, do not hesitate to contact me! I’m already setting up another date from the popularity, I can do more ^_^

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