Haggis revisited


Just a reminder of how much I love meat-free haggis: A lot! And here’s the Haggis recipe for you too make some too!

Tonight just had it with a side of salad and lentil & bean & veggies taking up space in the fridge/freezer. Kitchen sink lentil stew, if you will! The recipe above shows it with a baked/jacket potato, and also gives other ideas. Yummmmm’


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3 thoughts on “Haggis revisited

  1. Hisashiburi. I, of course, am a big fan of veg haggis. Haggis in pastry is always a winner as is the haggis baked bean toastie that was introduced to me by my junk food loving ex. You should try it sometime when you have leftover haggis 🙂

  2. Your haggis looks delish! I’ve made vegan haggis a few times before but I checked out the link to your recipe and love the sound of the additional herbs and spices in it. I’ll definitely give your recipe a try. Left-over haggis on pizza is really good too, have you tried it?

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