Haggis & Mashed Root Vegetables

When I went to Scotland, I fell in love with veggie haggis. I’ve had canned veggie haggis since, and it’s just not the same. So this satisfies those cravings! And any recipe that encourages whiskey is ok with me! Notes:*Veggie haggis is spicy, and this is no exception. If you’re not a spicy fan, cutContinue reading “Haggis & Mashed Root Vegetables”

The Ronin Returns

Loyal fans! I have survived the cloudy depths of the UK and emerged bearing incredible gifts for your taste buds future glee! First of all, I possibly bought one of the most awesome cookbooks: Vegan: Over 90 Mouthwatering Recipes for All Occasions Made in association with The Vegan Society, this British food themed book isContinue reading “The Ronin Returns”