Vegan Food Swap

Oh yeah. There have been vegan food swaps in other cities, so why not London? That’s EXACTLY what Mits & Sasha the two happy vegans over at To Happy Vegans thought too!!!

It’s monthly; you can opt-out anytime; £10 budget. Pretty dang easy for a box of awesomeness.

I lucked out with my giver, Finola. She recently travelled to Spain and France and was kind enough to part ways with some of those goodies!


  • Tomato & Oregano Tortitas Pizza Popitas
  • Haribo Dragibus- I’ve never had Haribo, very excited!
  • Spinach & Spirulina soup mix
  • Chocolate Flan mix
  • Crispy Fruit: mango, apples, passionfruit, grains(whole wheat?)
  • SPECULOOS- A jar the mystical spread of my very own! NOM. Worth the swap alone.
  • Graze box: mix of dried beans- Have been curious about Graze boxes, glad to give it a try!
  • Raita mix: Just add soya yoghurt & the demon fruit that is cucumber
  • White Chocolate: Made in Australia. Purchased in Spain. Eaten by an American. Happily digested in UK.

So why exactly are you just sitting there? GO SIGN UP NOW!



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