“Geez Vegan Ronin,” you may be thinking, “you’ve been quiet for a month and now a flood of delicious recipes! I may have a mind explosion trying to figure out which one to make first!”

I may have been quiet faithful readers, but I was not dormant. I am returning to the States in a few days and want to make sure this will tide you over for a week!

I have plenty of things lined up for you! But tonight I must continue to prepare for my vegetarian cooking demo for some Japanese housewives! Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two from it later =)

Enjoy the many recipes!!!


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2 thoughts on “Pheww

  1. This is perfect because I need to help healthy specially because my Doctor told me I must do it because my cholesterol is too high, I'll be grateful if you can put more of these healthy recipes here because i NEED to change my diet.

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