Things I want to share with you.

Who says only children are incapable of sharing?! 1. Vegan Month of Food (aka Vegan MOFO) starts Oct 1 and I will start out with a spicy bang! You will find me and lots of other vegans blabbing away more than usual; mine will be food based (durr). 2. My new favorite food website.¬†HalfContinue reading “Things I want to share with you.”

I’m back, tofurkeys!

News. News. News. New website. Easier to update. So please change your bookmarks! And a Facebook page! You can get updates there so then you can be updated when you need your sweet cheeks over here! I have a ridiculous amount of backlog just waiting to show off. So start your little vegan engines! Lucky,Continue reading “I’m back, tofurkeys!”