Things I want to share with you.

Who says only children are incapable of sharing?!

1. Vegan Month of Food (aka Vegan MOFO) starts Oct 1 and I will start out with a spicy bang! You will find me and lots of other vegans blabbing away more than usual; mine will be food based (durr).

2. My new favorite food website. Half torn bag of brown rice? Boom: veggie burgers. Lentils taking over your cupboard? Cha-ching: curried lentil soup. Put in any ingredient and huge photos of recipes come up for the pickin’s. It’s so good for using up leftovers; making room for that new bag of dried porcinis; or subduing a food craving. You can put in more than one ingredient you have, keep favorites, and there is a dislike button for, well, dislikes or allergies. You can even “dislike” meat. I personally don’t; I want to see every recipe because the Ronins out there know how to “Make It Work!” (Tim Gunn, please contact me for some awesome eating when you’re in London.)

3. You all are awesome. Happy Tuesday!


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