Saucy baked tofu and friends

After waking up late on Sunday, amazingly, I wasn’t craving pancakes. I decided to forgo breakfast and go straight into lunch as it was 12:30. I was feeling a bit saucy.

On a toaster oven tray place:

-3 thin slices of tofu, with a mix of oil and BBQ-ish sauce brushed on it.
-leftover brown rice with saffron, with frozen veggies and garam masala sauce (in an aluminum DIY pocket)
-frozen french fries (whatever will fit)

Your tray will look like an in-flight meal!

Toast (or in a real oven) at 170C/350F for 30 min-ish or untli fries are done.

Coulda been saucier! Next time I will marinade the whole slice, not just the top.


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