As a vegan company, we try to be as Earth-friendly as possible. Our kitchen is powered by renewable energy, and you will see food being reused in different ways in the same bento For example, a carrot is cut, shaped and pickled, the cutout simmered and the peels used for stock. It is also a Japanese concept called “Mottainai”– the regret at things being discarded needlessly).
The Eco Pouch vacuum packs are home compostable and biodegrades in 26 weeks with no micro-pollutants to harm our fishy friends. Please go to their website for more information.
The “Best By” & Eco Pouch labels are also compostable and safe to wash off.
Paper delivery bags are recycled and recyclable. Please reuse if possible!
Ronin Dining business cards are recyclable (but please give to a friend!) and attached with paper tape which is reusable and biodegradable.
Chopsticks are bamboo & biodegradable.
The bentos themselves are made of rPET made of 90% recycled non-virgin plastic and are widely recyclable. Please reuse! Handwash only. The bentos are made by Faerch who also operate on renewable energy and use closed loop plastic. Please go to their website for more information.

Why not use PLA plant based plastics? Deciding on packaging was one of the biggest hurdles. Compostable plant plastics (PLA) need to go to a special composting recycling plant and is not home compostable. There are no Surrey industrial plants to take them to (and no easy map to find one, post code location only). You cannot put it with garden waste or normal recycling, so it must go in the bin. The conditions in a rubbish tip does not let it biodegrade so it’s just more waste, if it is not burned first. I’m keeping an eye out for local options, please contact me if you have more information.
Moving forward we are always looking for greener and more sustainable solutions!

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