Spring Rolls

Spring rolls have become a recurring food in my life. Gone from never to once every month or so. When I discovered I could eat and enjoyed these little treats at home, I would use my Fry Daddy for prepacked ones (so bad for you, but soo good). I then graduated to making my own and giving them a very thin layer of oil and baking them so they were still crispy. Two weeks ago my friend was making spring rolls and did nothing at all to them! Just ate them! I joined in and they were de-lish-ous. Less time, less oil and fat, and more raw veg! I’m in!

I just used up fresh veg pieces I had laying around. Strips of fresh carrot, onion, green pepper, mushroom, and lettuce(for extra crunch!) with a smidge of avocado I was finishing up. I did not have any rice noodles (thus the lettuce to help fill it up). Dip your rice wrapper in watter for about 5 seconds, place ingredients at the bottom, and roll up like a tight burrito! I dipped them in sweet chili sauce, but any soy-sauced based sauce or liquid would be tasty too!


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