To continue the Indian kick is a nice Indian dessert: Jalebi.
(although in some parts of the country it is eaten with breakfast)
I actually had only ever had this at one Indian restaurant, and only occasionally at their buffet (the rest of the time they had Galub Jamun. I would watch bitterly while who ever I dragged there that day would eat them in ecstasy. I’ve never had them, but I will try to make them soon enough). Anyways, I would stuff them in my face but never found out what they were called. Finally some dedicated interwebz searchin not only yielded their name, but A VIDEO on how to make them. I used Manjula’s recipe.

After frying:

After soaking:

The ones I had were bright orange, but then again these ARE homemade, not full of dyes. And damn, they are tasty (especially if they sit for a few minutes.. if you can hold out!!).

I haven’t had dinner yet and I these are almost gone. I just hope it doesn’t end the same way as when I was in my single-digits and I was helping my Grammie make rosettes (read=pretty elephant ears) and I ate so many covered with so much powdered sugar, that I still not only have a food adversion to it ump-teen years later, but the smell also makes me sick. (holy crap that was one sentence) These are pretty similar, if they were covered in powder rather than syrup I would have been ill.

Note: I didn’t have gram flour, so I used bran instead. The consistancy was very runny, so I added a little flour at a time until it was the thickness she had. I also feel half a pinch of saffron would have been better. I have a little bit of syrup left too.


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3 thoughts on “Jalebi

  1. wow! I just stumbled across your blog – looks amazing. I live in Japan and try to cook vegan at home, but we must live in different Japans because I don’t have access to a lot of the ingredients you use! Do you order a lot of it online (specifically beans, veggie “meat” products)?

  2. I can get dried beans ok.. but the fake meat is either from Hong Kong or from back in the States (same with the “cheese”)

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