Vegan Cronut Recipe

Yes, that’s right. Vegan croissant-donuts. Cronuts. Dossants. Fried dream boats. A top food trend in 2013. It’s all here for you! I thought about making a baked version, but if you’re going to do this, go all out. If you do it the easy way with pre-made dough, it takes under an hour- and mostContinue reading “Vegan Cronut Recipe”

Crunchy Ice Cream

When I was little, we used to go to the only Tex-Mex restaurant around and I was allowed to have the magical “crunchy ice cream” for dessert. I sometimes say this to people and they exclaim, “Oh! I love fried ice cream!”  This isn’t fried ice cream my friends, and apparently, it is little known.Continue reading “Crunchy Ice Cream”

Sticky Toffee Pudding

I never had sticky toffee pudding in the UK. Mama Ronin did however, and was absolutely ga-ga over the stuff.. and after making this, you will be too! This vegan version will rival any traditional sticky toffee pudding recipe. Hands down. Seriously worth the effort. Possible confusion note: STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING IS NOT ACTUALLY PUDDING!Continue reading “Sticky Toffee Pudding”

Fall Fritters: Banana Fritters with Sucre Pommes

Fall Fritters: Banana Fritters with Sucre PommesThat’s just a fancy title for sliced apples with sugar & cinnamon Fall is almost here, and with the mention of donuts and cider, I knew I had to have some. I started with a one smashed banana, added some milk and a splash of veg. oil and mixed.Continue reading “Fall Fritters: Banana Fritters with Sucre Pommes”