Fall Fritters: Banana Fritters with Sucre Pommes

Fall Fritters: Banana Fritters with Sucre Pommes
That’s just a fancy title for sliced apples with sugar & cinnamon

Fall is almost here, and with the mention of donuts and cider, I knew I had to have some.

I started with a one smashed banana, added some milk and a splash of veg. oil and mixed. I mixed in a pre-packaged pancake mix (that could also be used for muffins, pound cake, and donuts) and cinnamon, until it was slighty firm, adding flour to deter the stickiness.

In a frying pan full of vegetable oil on low, I added little hunks of dough. Fry until golden, flip and repeat with the other side. Place on paper towel. Repeat.

In the mean time, I sliced half an apple in thin slices. I placed them on a sheet of foil, adding a distrubing amount of sugar, and cinnamon. I wrapped the foil around the apple slices, making a pouch. I placed it in the toaster oven at the medium setting for about 15 minutes. When the apples are tender, and the sugar has become a lovely syrup, it is finished! (this may take a few times)

Join the fritters and apples in sugary unity. Add a bit of powdered sugar to top it off.


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