Stuffed Peppers

The most important thing in cooking, to me, is music. If you had a bad day, it will be reflected in your food. So throw some tunes it and get your booty wigglin’. Not only will it relieve stress, your food will also be happier!

And with bad days come comfort food. Today’s comfort food is Stuffed Peppers, lots of starchy, earthy ingredients.

What you need:
Peppers (any color will do, I got discount ones)
Rice (any type- cooked)
Onion- diced
Cabbage- chopped
Tomato soup/sauce/anything liquidy tomatoey
Tofu or veggie cheese (opt)
Baking dish of some sort

Chop the tops off the peppers and cut those innards out of ‘em. Set aside. Chop up as much onion and cabbage you like, I only used a little, since my peppers were so small. You’ll probably want your portion of cooked rice to be at least twice that of your cabbage and onions. Sprinkle with salt.

Mix. Stuff peppers with goodies, placing the extras around them in the dish. I added a little squished up tofu in place of cheese on the tops.

NOTE: you can mix your tomato stuff in with it (as seen in the picture), or pour it over top of everything if it’s real liquidy. Normally tomato soup is used, but I just used canned chunky tomatoes to which I added a splash of soymilk to make it creamy as well as garlic and oregano.

Place pepper tops on peppers, cover dish in foil, bake 40 min at 350F/175C or until peppers are tender.


Things I would do differently: more spices and salt, and more tofu!! It was really good hot and squishy in there! Also, if you dont like your peppers a little crispy, you can boil them for 5 minutes to soften them up before stuffing and baking.


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