Vegan Desserts!

Eat your heart out vegan haters! Aww, the simple desserts! Banana Split Bananas! Vanilla Rice Cream! Vegan Hot Fudge! Frozen raspberries! Almond slices! Soyatoo whipped cream!! BOO YAH! Root Beer Float Bulldog Root Beer and Vanilla Rice Cream! I know the whipped cream wasn’t necessary, but it was too good not to add some =D


Fall Fritters: Banana Fritters with Sucre Pommes

Fall Fritters: Banana Fritters with Sucre PommesThat’s just a fancy title for sliced apples with sugar & cinnamon Fall is almost here, and with the mention of donuts and cider, I knew I had to have some. I started with a one smashed banana, added some milk and a splash of veg. oil and mixed.Continue reading “Fall Fritters: Banana Fritters with Sucre Pommes”