Brown Rice Cafe in Tokyo

While I didn’t go to the cafe (because the wait was too long and I was starving), I went to their deli right beside it.
It was amazing. It’s macrobiotic, although most of it is vegan. They know all their farmers and get food fresh.
I will be coming back here every time I’m in Tokyo.

Veggie burger.
The miso sauce really made this the best damn veggie burger I’ve ever had. Fo’ real.

A sloppy-joe type rice mixture in a fried tofu skin pouch with grilled veggies.
Good, but I would have chosen the Mexican style one they had over this.

Mini fruit and walnut tortes and mini tofu (cheesecake) torte.
Cheesecake still tasted a bit beany with lemon. Not complaining though. The fruit and walnut glazed torte had a brown rice crust and was AMAZING.

Brown Rice Cafe, A++++++ Will do business with again!!!!!!1

Take the Tokyo Metro (subway) to station Omotesando (by Harajuku). Go to exit A1. Hitch a left at the intersection in front of you. It’s on your right after about a 30 second walk.


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One thought on “Brown Rice Cafe in Tokyo

  1. that was the only vegan place i could actually locate to eat the entire time i was in japan. it would have been a lot easier if a) i spoke japanese or b) streets made sense like in america. it was delicious though.

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