Vegan Takoyaki

Previously, I have made Tofu Takoyaki. Very delicious, but not authentic. Well that’s going to change! If you want to get super technical, this is called “Konnyakuyaki”. This is a very specific recipe, needing out-of-the-ordinary equipment and ingredients. I have tried to offer replacements where possible. Hardware: Takoyaki pan (Get one here) toothpick or skewerContinue reading “Vegan Takoyaki”

Vegan Japan

I’ll (try to) spare the talk and get on with the pretty pictures! Mr. Young MenKyoto (Teramachi & Shijo)Okonomiyaki Tofu Okonomiyaki(shown with miso soup with fried tofu) Osaka is the famous place to get this cuisine, but Mr Young Men is accomidating and has a ton of options. Just ask for no eggs, mayo, orContinue reading “Vegan Japan”

Japanese Tofu Burgers

(Recipe coming soon) This is a Japanese tofu burger (ganmodoki) which is vegan, and it is moist as well! It has tofu, oil, carrots, potatoes, burdock (a root), and Jews ear are the basic things in it. It was made for Buddhist vegan cuisine, although recipes I have seen online all contain egg =/ Ps-JewsContinue reading “Japanese Tofu Burgers”