Bourgeois Breakfast Buddies

This is just a fancier version of my Breakfast Buddies morning sandwiches. Instead of using a biscuit as the “bun”, I have used croissant dough! Mmmm.

You will need:
Prepared polenta, firm. (This is your “egg”)
Vegan sausage
Vegan cheeze

Add or omit anything else you like! (onions, faux ham, better than bacon, Hollandaise sauce, etc)

Take the croissant dough, and make it into a triangle shape.
(If using stuff in the can, they probably already will be, if not, roll out and cut)

Place goodies in the middle, take one of the triangle edges and fold it over your filling, connecting with the other side of the dough. Take the two left over edges and connect them in the middle. Bake as directed!

Simple and fancy! Win!


Published by theveganronin

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One thought on “Bourgeois Breakfast Buddies

  1. Looks yum but I am confused…can you buy vegan croissant dough in a can? Maybe it's a US thing, I certainly haven't seen that in the UK.

    Do you have a vegan croissant dough recipe you could recommend?

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