Pizza Rolls

These are great for appetizers or finger foods for guests or the leftovers for a case of the midnight munchies.

Whoa! Look at those pizza turds! Delicious!

You will need:

Normal version:           Ghetto version:

choice of dough            instant puff pastry
pizza sauce                 pasta sauce or ketchup mixed with oregano & garlic powder
pizza toppings              pizza shit


*I’ll be honest here, I went ghetto. I got this block of puff pastry and it is so convenient! I just rip off a chunk any time I need to make something: pizza rolls, mini pizzas, mini pot pies, garlic twists, hot pockets, pasties, pinwheels filled with whatevs, etc.

So here I have made a big one for me, and two mini ones to use in the HusBento later. This also shows the versatility of the “recipe”. Nice big one for you, little dainty ones for guests!

Roll out the your dough into a rectangle any size you like. Put fillings length wise, as if you’re making sushi.

I used: Sun-dried tomato pasta sauce, onions, orange pepper, leftover seitan, fresh basil, Daiya shreds.

Wet your finger and dampen one side edge of the dough, this will make sure it’s sealed. Roll it up like sushi OR like a burrito to keep the fillings inside. Mmmmm, pizza burritoooooo.

Then bake to dough’s instruction (this was 20min @ 200C/400F).

*I brushed some soymilk over the top of one to see if it was nice and golden, but it was identical to the others, so don’t waste your milk!

I had mine with a nice salad, but I eated it. Trust me, it was de-lish!


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