Attn: London!

Londoners! Friends of Londoners! People that happen to be in London!

Have you been to the Vegan Potluck yet?
Oh, you have? High five!
Oh, you haven’t? Well lucky you; it’s tomorrow!

A pot luck is when everyone brings a dish to share with everyone else. So that means a vegan spread of 40+ dishes to choose from. No need to ask what you can eat. Eat it all, my friends. It gets bigger every month, and with #6 approaching tomorrow you have plenty of time to think of something good to make! For all details, FAQ, & RSVP, please go to! FGV is the brains behind this, so give him a high-five in person! Can’t make it this month? No worries- it’s the first Wednesday of every month!

: Personal Rant : Please try your best to bring something homemade. Some people bring 3 jaw-dropping dishes! Do they have to? Of course not, but they do it out of love! So don’t think a £1 tub of hummus is acceptable as a contribution! Technically, yes; it is a contribution. And I totally get there are a million valid reasons why someone cannot make a dish. So buy NICE hummus (raw avocado hummus anyone?) and baked vegetable crisps to go with it. Throw some grapes in there while you’re at it! A little effort gets you off my cheapskate, free-loader list. I probably shouldn’t care as much, but I am just a foodie who wants everything to be fair! :Rant Over: 


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