Vegetarian Award for Excellence

The Vegan Ronin blog was recently given the Vegetarian Award for excellence. I was very flattered and honored that even though the blog goes through dry spells (despite a backlog of things to post!), the readers are still consistent and I hope I am making vegan food accessible to all. I want to keep it fun and easy to make, but have the options of snobby food as well =p

This has inspired me to post more often. After all, loads of bloggers also have tiring, full time jobs and that doesn’t stop them!

Thank you VegOnline! Check them out for more veggie info and delicious looking food!


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2 thoughts on “Vegetarian Award for Excellence

  1. You deserve it! I love your blog. It’s hard to find blogs about vegan Chinese cuisine. I always see imitation frozen meats at the asian supermarket and want to buy but never know what to do with them until now!

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