Supper Club News!

The Vegan Ronin Underground Supper Club has been extremely successful the passed couple of years, prompting special catering events and lots of seitan deliveries.

On the back of the gluten-free Japanese lunch comes a very special Shojin Ryori meal celebrating springtime! I’ve teamed up with Fat Gay Vegan for a special month of Around The World supper clubs. All the info is on my Underground Supper Club page, but here is the menu to whet your whistles:

Traditional starters of green tea and gomadofu (savoury sesame square)

Mains including:
Buddhist “eel”
sweet konnyaku dengaku (sea yam with sweet miso sauce)
grilled daikon
shiso tempura
kombu roll
koyadofu and carrot (A Koya-san regional speciality)
miso soup
steamed rice
tsukemono (pickles)

Traditional dessert of ohagi (azuki sweets) with melon

It’s a delicate, yet hearty meal, sure to transport your taste buds back to my second home.

Get your tickets now!


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