Soy Yogurt

Making soy yogurt has been my new thing lately. I wanted to eat more cultured foods to keep my body happy, and making yogurt is a cheap way to do it- double bonus! I’ve made some notes to keep in mind, but don’t let the list freak you out. It’s really simple!


Porridge with homemade yogurt.

What you will need & notes:

-Plain soy yogurt with live cultures: Make sure there are no sugars, flavourings, or any extra nonsense in it. As plain and pure and possible.

-Plain soy milk. Same as above. As plain as possible. I have tried this with almond milk and failed. So for now, stick to soy milk.

– Cooking thermometer that goes up to 43C/109F

-Sterilised jar. Save that pickle jar! Wash it up, pour boiling water in it, carefully pour the water out and place jar upside-down in a hot oven (200C/400F is fine) for 5 minutes. (This also works with their metal lids.)

-Big, clean pan.

-Insulated cooler/ lunch bag. This and the jar will need to be preheated so the bacteria is warm and happy at all times. You can do this by adding hot water, hot water bottle or jar of hot water into the cooler. The same goes for warming the jar.

-A small hot water bottle or towel to keep the yogurt warm.

-Warm, undisturbed area.

-Easiest to make a night, and when you wake up, BOOM! Yogurt.

-You can easily halve, double, etc this recipe.

-Soy yogurt will be a bit runnier than dairy yogurt. I have found using your own culture for the next batch makes it thicker.

-Do NOT add more yogurt. It does not make it thicker. The bacteria need space to run and play!

-This has been adapted from Wild Fermentation‘s yogurt recipe. If you’re into culturing food, get this book now!


1 litre/quart plain soy milk
15 ml/ 1 Tbsp plain soy yogurt

1. Pre-heat your insulated cooler and yogurt jar.

2. Heat the soy milk over medium heat, stirring so the bottom doesn’t burn. Heat until bubbles are just forming, this is hot enough- do not let it boil.

3. Let sit to cool until it reaches 43C/109C. If you’re in a hurry, you can put the pan in a cool water bath. But don’t let it get too cold!

4. Stir in your yogurt starter.

5. Pour into warmed jar & put the lid on.

6. Place yogurt jar in warmed (dry) cooler. You can add a little hot water bottle or wrap with towels to keep the heat in. Seal cooler and place in a warm area that will not be disturbed.

7. Wait 12 hours.

8. Check out your yogurt! It should be nice and thick and firm. It’s ready to be enjoyed!

9. Keep in refrigerator after you have finished culturing.

Remember to save a little of this yogurt to make your next batch!


Ready to go into the cooler for culturing.

I like to put it in little jars with toppings for a snack at work.
100g (1/2 cup) of this plain yogurt is around 33 calories and it fills you up!


Pomegranate seeds and date syrup.

You can also make it savoury! Here I added salt, lime juice and chopped parsley.

Keep your gut and your body happy 🙂


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