VeganMoFo 1!

Sadly not on the VeganMoFo list because I didn’t realize it had changed months! That and I also hadn’t been at home or really on a normal computer in 2 months as I have been away working in Beijing and with a bonus of playing in Ohio & NYC/Brooklyn. So I have much to share this month!

-Being vegan in China
-Recipes for the new foods I ate in Beijing
-translated Chinese dim sum & pastry recipes I brought back
-how I gained 5lbs eating in NYC alone
-new products
-bento boxes (new job!)
-supper club dates
-food swaps
-London vegany goodness
-etc etc

Let’s do this!


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2 thoughts on “VeganMoFo 1!

  1. I’m excited to keep up with your MoFoing despite you not being on the official list. I’m especially excited about your vegan in China posts!

  2. I’m glad to see you are blogging despite not being on the official list. I blogged about your homemade mustard recipe today that you posted 2 years ago – it’s fantastic stuff!

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